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Reviews and Press

Library Journal
“As the title suggests, Karlin’s debut story collection focuses on men and women in the everyday world of work, from a loan officer–turned–fish tank cleaner to oil refinery workers and a New Orleans shipyard welder. The author’s own job experiences in offices and blue-collar trades supply the narratives with detail and the characterizations with authenticity.”

Texas Observer on "Muscle Memory"
“New Stories from the South opens with a chorus of youthful voices, the strongest of which is an 18-year-old named Destiny, who appears in Katherine Karlin’s ‘Muscle Memory.’ ‘If Destiny had three wishes to make, the third would be that she could learn to weld,’ the story begins.”

Ruelle Electrique on "Underwater"
“The little details splattered throughout that come and go but whose imprints linger, won me over. (For example, Jeunessa’s odd jawbone swipe; Nan’s main competitor, the Cirque du Soleil peddler; Mr. Posada’s oddly-decorated house; Aram’s dubious pill for Nan’s headache. And also Nan’s constantly coming up short of an actual Gyllenhaal encounter).”